Monday, January 21, 2013

Lisa's Birthday Contest featuring Zoya Aurora, Urban Outfitters Chilly, and Ozotic 509

Hello! This is my very first post and I'm so scared! I think my photos look like crap, but I only have my cell phone as a camera. :(

This manicure is for Lisa's birthday contest over at Nail Polish Creations. She listed her style as purple, holographic, rhinestones, and sparkles. I tried to incorporate all of those, but struggled to come up with a cohesive idea. The final product is a little gauche but it'll have to do! Happy birthday, Lisa!

I started with a coat of my nail treatment, Salon Sciences Instant Artificials followed by one coat of Essie First Base. I then painted two coats of Zoya Aurora.  On m ring finger I painted on a bit of Urban Outfitters Chilly (on the right side and bottom of the nail) and made some circles with Ozotic 509.  On my index fingers I arranged some silver and purple-y rhinestones over a light coat of American Classics Gelous.  I painted one coat of Gelous on my ring finger and topped all nails off with a coat of Seche Vite.

Salon Sciences Instant Artificials, Essie First Base, Zoya Aurora, Urban Outfitters Chilly, Ozotic 509, American Classics Gelous, and Seche Vite


Two coats of Zoya Aurora
Finished product!

Instant Artificials is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $8.49 or $7.69 for members. I purchased Essie First Base as part of a set at Ulta. It came with Limited Addiction and A Cut Above and was on clearance for about $7.00. The normal price for this base coat is $8.00. Zoya Aurora is available at Ulta or Zoya for $8.00.  Urban Outfitters polishes are usually on sale 2 for $8.00 or 1 for $5.00.  I purchased Ozotic 509 at Llarowe. They sell for $14.50. Gelous is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $5.99 or $5.39 for members. Seche Vite is available at Sally, Ulta, Target, CVS, etc. I believe Sally has the best price : $7.99 or $6.49 for members. The rhinestones were purchased at Trans Design. It is $5.72 for the pack of 1440.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you so much! Super excited to be your first post!! Good Luck on your blog, I look forward to seeing many more mani's!

    Quick tip, if you have a program to crop photos try to exclude more of the background than post the pics as extra large so we can get a better look at those beauties!!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I though there would be an option on Blogger to do that, but I couldn't find one, so I guess I will have to download something :)